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Hotel Karbel & Karbel Beach


Karbel&Karbel Beach Hotels are committed to environmental protection

and strive to reduce our property’s operational impact on the environment.


Through our environmental policy we will:

* ensure we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations;

* measure our environmental performance against our objectives and targets, making

sure that we regularly review our progress and continuously look for ways to improve;

* train our staff on our environmental commitments, so that they understand the role

they play in delivering our objectives and targets; and

* invite our guests to support our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.


To achieve our environmental goals, we will:

* achieve and maintain our Travelife for Hotels and Accommodations award;

* reduce our energy consumption by 5% in 2013 by:

o installing energy-efficient lighting and movement sensors in all public areas

o ensuring that all rooms are equipped with electronic key cards that shut off the

power supply when the guest removes the key before leaving the room

* reduce our water consumption by 5% in 2013 by:

o asking our guests to support our towel and bed linen reuse programme

o installing water flow restrictors in the taps and showers and low flush and/or

dual flush toilets in guest bathrooms

* reduce the waste we send to landfill by 10% in 2013 by:

o separating all our waste streams including glass, paper, cardboard etc. and

identifying opportunities to reuse or recycle these materials

o finding ways to prevent the production of waste by buying in bulk or working

with our suppliers to reduce packaging

* reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our day-to-day operations by 5% in

2013 by:

o finding biodegradable or natural alternatives

o minimising the use of solvents in the property

* put in place a plan to protect and conserve the nesting sites of endangered species

located near to the hotel and encourage our guests to take an interest; and

* ensure that 30% of non-consumable products are made from recycled content.

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